Evotec and Celgene enter partnership in the field of targeted protein degradation

  • Evotec AG announced today that Evotec and Celgene Corporation (“Celgene”) have entered into a third long-term strategic drug discovery and development partnership in the field of targeted protein degradation. In this collaboration, Evotec and Celgene will leverage Evotec’s Panomics platform in order to identify drug targets which are traditionally difficult to track. Evotec’s Panomics platform applies in particular high-end proteomics and transcriptomics at industrial scale to profile and select promising drug candidates on the basis of comprehensive cell biological profiles. Die Original-Meldung zu diesem Chemie Unternehmen finden Sie unter https://www.evotec.com/en/investor-relations/news/corporate-news/p/evotec-and-celgene-enter-partnership-in-the-field-of-targeted-protein-degradation-5721

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