Evotec and Sernova announce exclusive strategic partnership for iPSC-based beta cell replacement therapy to advance a 'functional cure' for diabetes

  • Evotec SE and Sernova Corp., a clinical-stage company and leader in regenerative medicine cell therapeutics today announced a partnership in the field of diabetes. Both Companies will leverage their respective strengths to develop an implantable iPSC-based beta cell replacement therapy for the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes, including type 1 and 2. Die Original-Meldung zu diesem Chemie Unternehmen finden Sie unter https://www.evotec.com/en/investor-relations/news/corporate-news/p/evotec-and-sernova-announce-exclusive-strategic-partnership-for-ipsc-based-beta-cell-replacement-therapy-to-advance-a-functional-cure-for-diabetes-6177

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