Evotec expands CRISPR-based technology offering with licence from ERS Genomics

  • Evotec AG today announced that it has expanded its CRISPR service offering with the addition of a licence from ERS Genomics Limited. With this licence, Evotec gains access to the leading technology for gene editing, thereby complementing and expanding its existing service offering in the CRISPR gene editing space. The new licence from ERS Genomics Limited complements and expands Evotec’s existing CRISPR licences through the Broad Institute with gene editing technology from Emmanuelle Charpentier and others. Die Original-Meldung zu diesem Chemie Unternehmen finden Sie unter https://www.evotec.com/en/investor-relations/news/corporate-news/p/evotec-expands-crispr-based-technology-offering-with-licence-from-ers-genomics-5674

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